This Method Major Back Pain Relief In Just 16 Minutes

I’ve got a bit of a special treat for you today – specifically for those of you who are suffering from a few of those annoying, pesky back injuries you get from the ol’ 8-hour butt-to-seat syndrome. Or maybe you just pulled something doing a 300 lb deadlift, both scenarios are relevant to the product I’m about to go review.

Today, I’ll be going through Ian Hart’s product called My Back Pain Coach. Right smack bang at the top of his sales page, Ian claims that “This Unusual 16-Minute, 8-Movement Method… Relieves Years of Upper AND Lower Back Pain, Forcing Your Body to Gently Yet Naturally “Rebalance” Itself In Just ONE SESSION!” He claims that his product will help you go from bedridden, excruciating back pain that has you taking a ton of painkillers, to a pain-free, strong back with restored flexibility and able to work a normal shift without experiencing any discomfort.

Essentially, he’s saying this product can take you from a back-pain filled life, to a life where you can be doing some dank downward dog yoga poses with ease. Let’s see if Ian Hart’s product can live up to its sales claims.

My Back Pain Coach Review Summary
If you haven’t got the time to read the whole review, or you just can’t stand my self-proclaimed awesomeness-filled writing, then I’ve whipped up a little review summary for you:

Now, I’m not a back-pain expert, but I have come across my fair share of knowledge on how to rid your back of pain. With that being said, I believe this a really wholesome product that can teach you to rid your body of any back pain you may be experiencing. It delivers quality video content and teaches some great principles and exercise routines on how to rid your back of pain so you can start enjoying life without slouching every 5 minutes or so.

For those of you who’re looking to get rid of any back pain you may be experiencing, this is definitely a product for you.

Caution: I’m Not A Back-Pain Expert
My Health and Fitness expertise is in losing weight, building muscle, increasing athleticism, and burning fat. I just want you to be 100% aware that I’m not an expert on this subject, and I’m only recommending this product based off of the pain-relief knowledge that I’ve gained here and there whilst studying all of this health jazz.

My Back Pain Coach’s Upsells
There were only two upsells being offered after the purchase of My Back Pain Coach – one was a product that focused specifically on Sciatica and Piriformis relief (two words that, to me, sounded like really strong fire-type Pokemon), and another one that focuses on curing the ailments that come with stacks of sitting.

I’m not sure how valuable these products would be – but to be completely honest, I’m sure the exercises in My Back Pain Coach would have a positive effect on the “pain points” they’re talking about in the upsells (sciatica, piriformis, and sitting pain relief). I skipped past the upsells and was taken to a membership site that looked a little something like this.

I dove into the training, and there were a few reasons as to why I was comfortable with recommending this product.


First, There’s A Lot Of High-Quality Video Content
The major reason why I thought this was a great product is because there’s a ton of high-quality video content where Ian Hart explains a lot of the concepts and exercises required to fix your back pain. He’s included the following:

  • 3 Levels to the My Back Pain Coach program (each Level being roughly 30 minutes long)
    10 Coaching Session Videos where Ian Hart addresses a bunch of solutions to problems, such as “How to Increase Your Back’s
  • Flexibility and Mobility,” and “8 Dangerous Mistakes that Make Your Back Pain Worse.”
  • The Bonus Begin Your Day Program, which is a full-body routine that will “…get rid of pain in other areas beyond your back and hips, such as your neck, shoulders, or ankles.”

These are just a couple of screenshots, so you get a taste of the My Back Pain Coach program. I went through the majority of the video content, and Ian’s got a really good way at explaining the concepts and exercises he’s teaching. Also, considering the fact that it’s video, makes it even more valuable; if it was just a text manual, it’s a lot harder for you to learn the exercises by yourself compared to Ian going through the exercises right in front of you.

Second – The Exercises Are Extremely Beneficial For Your Body
Like I said, I’m not a back-pain expert, but I’ve got a few pieces of wisdom when it comes to certain exercises that help promote flexibility, mobility, and provide pain relief. The exercises are ones that are not too stressful on the body compared to something like a deadlift and are focused more on running your body through a full range of motion that provides juuuust enough “good-pain” on the body that allows it to grow back stronger (pun intended – I italicized it so you can pick up on it).

That first screenshot is the manual that Ian has provided to go along with the video content that he’s oh so gracefully put together. The exercises look really low-impact yet high rewarding for someone that’s looking to get a bit of flexibility and mobility back in his/her life, whilst eliminating some of the pain that comes with tight, constrictive movement patterns. If you’re one of those people that want those benefits, then this is for you.

If All Else Fails, Then Just Get Your Money Back
Ian has included a money back guarantee that comes with his My Back Pain Coach program. I thought this was a point that was worthy of mentioning, considering the fact that back pain isn’t my area of expertise.

The last thing I’d say is this – all of this body pain and injuries that come from “wrong” movements patterns that bring about things such as the Forward Head syndrome, or a hyperextended lumbar spine (kudos’ to E. Hulse for teaching me that one); this stuff completely wrecks havoc to your body as you age.

Tons of people that I know that are over 40 years old are starting to see the downfalls that come with terrible movement patterns that have been reinforced over a number of years. Then they gotta go see a physiotherapist, or a chiropractor, and spend thousands of dollars in the process in order to get their body’s back into proper shape.

Guys, gals, my Health Fanatic family – take my advice now, and start focusing on keeping your body structurally aligned. For all you meathead, iron-lifters (myself included), take some time to do some yoga or foam rolling – don’t neglect that side of training which allows your body to move smoothly and maintain its flexibility and mobility.

Your future self will thank you for it.

My Back Pain Coach Final Rating: A-
If Ian Hart included just a few more text manuals and fancy pictures to accompany the video content, that would’ve bumped this product up to an A+. Nevertheless, the quality of information that’s provided and the way that it’s presented (high-quality fancy video), I can give this product a solid A-.

For anyone who’s looking to fix your pesky, annoying back problems – this product is for you .

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